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Reasons For You to Access a 12 Week Intensive Outpatient Program

A 12-week intensive outpatient program should be your first option on the list of alternatives when you need services of a rehab. Aside from the therapies that are offered in a 12-week intensive outpatient program, the experts also conduct regular drug tests, detoxification and relapse prevention services. You need a 12-week intensive outpatient program because of these benefits.

A 12-week intensive outpatient program is more affordable than inpatient, residential program, and others. Your medical insurance can take care of part of the costs to make the 12-week intensive outpatient program less costly. Rehabs have flexible payment plans for those who cannot afford to raise a lump sum to enable you to pay for the program without straining financially.

You will interact with the recovering community while undergoing the 12-week intensive outpatient program. Interacting with other people in the program will help you to build long-term relationships with some of them. You can find people who share the same passion and ideas with you who can help to transform the ideas into reality, teach you better skills and improve your talents for you to grow in your career and more. The hindrances that you may be facing that can make you relapse are quick to solve when you have friends at the rehab who can help you find alternative solutions to choose from as they also share their experiences with you for you to learn life lessons from them.

This program allows your family members to participate in your recovery. If the family of a person who is under rehabilitation is not involved in the programs of the rehab, the person will feel neglected, rejected and side-lied by their family and that will demoralize them from wanting to recover. The therapy enhances communication in the family because the patients are able to talk to their family about the present issues in the family and childhood traumas that have attributed to their addiction. The open communication and being there for each other in the family strengthens the family bond.

The program is flexible to enable your balance between studies, family and friends, work and other responsibilities with the 12-week intensive outpatient program sessions. The rehab will offer you various operating schedules for you to fix your schedule and pick a schedule at the rehab that allows you to meet your other obligations and responsibilities. Do not suffer in silence because you need to fulfill your responsibilities to your family.

The program can be accessed secretively. If you feel embarrassed about the situation, this is the program for you because no one you do not want not to mingle in your affairs will know. Get help through the private individual therapy and maintain your reputation as the employer, colleague and so on.

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