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How to Dress Like a Cool Nerd

Most of the young generation are on the track, to make sure that they are ranked among the nerds. To make sure that they are recognized they have the urge to have the latest phones, jewelries among other things. Having a nerdy outfit is having a wear that brings out the best you, that is having the understanding of what gives out the real outlook of you. Among the many ways, here are some of the things that one has to know and keep in mind so as he or she can be want they yearn to be.

One should make sure that the clothes in which they prefer for the nerdy fashion gives them the comfort they need to have. Nerd fashion is not all about the “beauty is pain” saying. It is all about being comfortable in the wear that you are in. Among the comfortable wear include the T-shirts, skirts and pants that are not so tight. Whatever that you may want to wear should not uncomfortable, since it will just look so awkward when some parts are too tight.

Secondly, one should make sure that they go with the current pattern of the outfit.
The outfit that one decides to put on should not exaggerate the looks, either being too loose or tight. At times going back to ancient times can bring new patterns that were used back then, which can give a very good outlook. There are so many designs in that if they were to be mentioned one by one, the list would be endless, but all what is needed is one to choose the best colors that they like.

Apart from the clothes, there are some more things that one should not forget which are your hairstyles and glasses. The eye glasses if not the prescribed ones, one can buy the non-prescribed ones to make the nerdy style more attractive. The glasses with a clear pair of lenses is preferred for this outfit. The glasses that have a thick rim are best for any kind of outfit, since they are multipurpose. For the hairstyle, one should have the hairstyle that brings out the best of him. At times, the official haircuts may not be all that matching with the nerdy fashion, therefore according to your style, you have to choose the best that will fit. The side part for the men and the ponytail hairstyles are perfect for the males and female nerdy outfit respectively. The best pattern is one that you are comfortable in, either the color pattern or the size.